Wednesday, February 3, 2016


After months of anticipation, my youngest sister is finally here! Yay. It was a brief meeting, she was here from Tuesday to Friday before she leaves for London and eventually back to Jordan. 

I was slightly bummed that she's here on weekdays because I have classes. I wish she's here on weekends! Nonetheless, I did skip a few non-compulsory workshops just to spend some time with her. 

My dad repeatedly emphasized that I feed my sister with Malay cuisines as all she eats in Jordan are kebabs and nasi arab (so I heard). I'm more than happy to cook anything for her! She was here with 2 of her friends. So despite me wanting to have some pillow talk with her, I couldn't. She's always with her friends and let's not forget about my husband. So pillow talk is a no-no.

"Abillll, you said you wanted to spend time with me."

So when it was time for her to leave York, I was holding myself from bawling. I don't get to see her often. She's been away from home for 3 years now. Things are different if she's in Malaysia; I know she'd be there when I get back. But she's not and it kills me to think about how many months do I have to wait before our paths cross again. We bid good byes at the railway station and she made way to London.

Back home, I was scrolling down my timeline. It was a streak of luck when I came across a student selling his return tickets to London during the same time my sister is there. He was selling them at a bargain! I consulted Hilmi immediately and arranged for us to obtain the tickets from the dude. Mind you I haven't informed my sister about any of this.

When I finally did, she said "That's very random of  you!". She must've thought that I am such a clingy sister. You bet I am. It's better to travel to London to meet her than to Jordan which will be much expensive. And here we are, reunited in London. Last-minute escapades do work wonders sometimes. You can't believe how grateful I am for this. I'd travel all the way just to have a few more hours to annoy her. The things I do for my sisters. 

Til then, Abil. Can't wait for us all to return to Malaysia and be in the same timezone. Much love.

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