Wednesday, March 14, 2018


I reached it about 2 months ago, actually...

I have never felt this happy and comfortable in the longest time. Why? I have just discovered the wonders of maternity pants!! :D

For the last couple of weeks, I have been wearing my usual pair of slacks and pants to work. I tried going to Aeon and Parkson to find maternity pants but I could not even find the maternity sections in the stores! I am reluctant to buy pants online because I insist to try them out first.

Every morning I would complain to Hilmi, telling him how much pain I am in by forcing myself into the usual pants, knowing that I could never zip it up. I was in denial. I knew I could and should not force myself into it but I still did. 

Yesterday, I dragged him to accompany me to get some maternity pants from Aeon. I know I've said that I did not find any there before but you know, desperation calls for things to be checked twice. So there we were in the maternity section. Lo and behold! We found a rail full of maternity pants! 

I picked a black pants and rushed to the fitting room. Honestly, it felt soooo good, I almost cried. My tummy no longer feels like something is poking it hard and I no longer feel suffocated.

I called Hilmi in to see if he approves it (the length and cutting). To my surprise, he was smiling when he saw me in the pants! I'd like to think that he was relieved and happy that he no longer has to hear his wife complaining in agonizing pain.

Alhandulillah for my new two pairs of pants!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


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My birth month is here. Yay! But do I consider it as my favorite month?

I see a lot on my Twitter and Facebook feeds where people like to call their birth month as their 'favorite month'. I wouldn't say March is my favorite. I mean, of course I look forward to celebrating my birthday and receiving birthday vouchers/gifts/wishes but other than that, March is a pretty regular month for me.

So what is my favorite month?

I don't have a specific favorite. But, I would say that my favorite month is when there are events I look forward to (trips, outings, reunions, potlucks) or when I get to see people that I have been looking forward to meeting.

It varies from Syawal, December (so many family potlucks and birthdays in December!) to other months.

March is still a special month to me, but there is only one reason for me to look forward to it. My favorite month could change to September now. Why? Because our baby will arrive in September in shaa Allah.

Entering the second trimester this week.

Thursday, February 22, 2018


I'm 12 weeks pregnant this week and I feel like I should make a note somewhere about my weekly progress and changes, which I hope that I will update from week to week, in shaa Allah.

Week 5 - My period was late and I took a test which turned out positive

Week 6 - Super tired and hungry all the time. I stopped cooking altogether

Week 7 - Same, but worse

Week 8 - Lost my appetite. Hungry, but nothing seemed appetizing

Week 9 - Felt less tired and hungry now. Vomiting and nauseousness kicked in

Week 10 - Vomiting got worse! I started throwing up at public places now

Week 11 - Appetite is restored

Week 12 - Less vomiting so far. Still not able to cook

Week 13 - Mood and appetite have improved. Headache comes often.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


I am already seeing goodbye-2017-here-are-the-highlights-of-my-year posts online now so I feel like sharing mine here.

2017 has been wonderful alhamdulillah. The highlights of the year are definitely when I graduated last January, my sister's wedding in September and everything else in between. I honestly can't pick.

As mentioned in my previous post, we did struggle for a few months in finding a job. I recently found out that I have some health problems which I am attending to as we speak. There were ups and downs but nothing that I regretted about. I am content with what I have and have gone through. 

I hope that in 2018, my family and I will be granted health, wealth, joy and more time to spend with each other. May all other prayers be answered this year too, ameen.