Tuesday, January 19, 2016


My first encounter with snow went something like this:

We went to Moors National Park last Sunday and judging from the name, I assumed that it is a rainforest (I even imagined it to look like our very own Bukit Cerakah). When we got there, it was snow all over! The weather was painfully cold and numb. I swore that if I sliced my fingers off, I wouldn't feel a thing.

I came unprepared and clearly under-dressed. I was wearing what I normally wear to class. I might be smiling but in my mind, I was cursing Hilmi for dragging me here without proper briefing. 

Kept telling Hilmi that I just want to go home or at least to stay in the car. Poor husband, he was so excited and wished to stay longer. I'd come again if I had to but I'll make sure to wear proper winter gear this time around.

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