Friday, January 15, 2016


I have always loved to run. I used to go for at least 3x per week but as I get busier (school, wedding, handling UK docs, etc), it lessened to just once per week. It got worse later to once every fortnight. I know, I know!

I planned to run again once I arrive in York. Unfortunately, settling down wasn't as easy as I hoped it would be. I was depressed, I had withdrawal syndromes on almost everything especially the weather, that I ended up staying at home all the time except for classes. It's suicidal to walk outside in the cold, let alone running.

We keep seeing the locals running in the morning, in the evening, sometimes even at night. They were running in shorts and tank tops when it's -1° outside!! And look at me, I had to wear layers of tops and pants every time I go out. Crazy! That got me motivated so I told Hilmi to just wait for the new year to start running again. Fingers crossed that spring would bring in more sunlight than the previous dull months.

2 weeks into 2016 now, it was still cold but I gotta do what I promised to do. Went for a 7 km run around campus yesterday. We must've looked silly running in winter jackets but hey, we had to come prepared. My body was aching but I miss this.

Here's to more run in 2016!

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