Monday, December 7, 2015


Abil has been nagging me to get the Benefit Real Sexy Steal kit as her belated birthday present. It's pretty much sold out everywhere. I tried my luck on Black Friday online deals and at most departmental stores - they're gone.

I was in Leeds last weekend, trying to look for it still when I informed her about the possibility of me not being able to get her the exact mascara and whether she would like to get anything else as a replacement. She kindly pleaded for me to try to look for one during my trip to London end of this month. Promised her that I'll do my best.

On my way out from the prayer's room, I decided to stop by at Boots. (love-hate relationship with pharmacies; you'll usually end up buying things you don't need). They happen to have a Benefit counter and though I didn't put any hopes, I asked the salesperson anyway whether they have the one I wanted in stock.

To my surprise, they do!

Alhamdulillah, it's your rezeki, Abil. Just your luck. As I was about to make payment, I asked the salesperson if she could teach me how to keep my brows tidy by using makeup. She said "absolutely!" and I proceeded to the makeup counter.

We chatted for a bit as she was applying the Benefit Gimme Brow. She was very friendly and politely asked if I would want to consider to get my brows trimmed/waxed. "They'll look nicer and easier to be shaped then", she added.

I smiled and expressed to her how I would love to get my slightly-bushy brows trimmed but I just couldn't. 

"I would really love to, but it is not permitted in my religion."

I think she was surprised (not startled) because she replied me with "God bless you!"

Did some brief explanations to her and she kept saying the same thing; God bless you. OK, Benefit lady. In shaa Allah, God will bless me for resisting the temptation to trim my brows!

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