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Sharing some of the lecture notes I jotted down during the recent The Straight Path Convention: Destination Jannah.

DAY 1:

The Straight Path to Jannah by Mufti Ismail Menk

  1. The distance between 2 places is a straight line.
  2. Even in blessings, there's tests.
  3. A006 Guide us to the straight path - is mentioned 17x daily in our prayers.
  4. Be respectful towards other creatures of Allah.

Roadblocks to Jannah by Sheikh Saed Rageah
  1. Bad friends/companions will not bring you to the right path.
  2. The biggest fitnah for men is women.
  3. Our children can be a roadblock if we do not lead them to the ways of Islam.
  4. Our parents can be a roadblock and the key to Jannah in the same time.
  5. Why roadblock? Because if we mistreat them, we are booking a place in hellfire.
  6. Check your relationships with your spouses, treat them right and it can be a ticket to Jannah.

Building Blocks to Jannah by Mufti Ismail Menk
  1. Allah looks at even the littlest things to give us rewards and grant us Jannah.
  2. Deeds that will drag people to Jannah - taqwa to Allah, consciousness of Allah, good character.
  3. To seek knowledge is a fast track to Jannah.
  4. Go and serve your parents for serving them grant you paradise.
  5. Why is treating our parents so valuable? Because it is challenging and difficult.
  6. Oh Allah, grant me Jannah for the service I served my parents. (amiiin!)
  7. Contribute to the building of houses of Allah, even if it means just by giving a brick. Allah will grant us a house in Jannah.
  8. Correct the usage of 2 organs; the one between your cheeks (mouth) and the one between your legs.
  9. If you go often for umrah, Allah erases the sins between the 2 umrahs.
  10. Greet each other with assalamualaykum genuinely.
  11. Fulfill voluntary prayers when everyone else is asleep.
  12. A sign of imaan is when you regret.

Steadfast in The Straight Path by Sheikh Dr Muhammad Salah
  1. Why talk to people when Allah is available 24 hours for you?
  2. Deeds that Allah loves most are the ones done consistently.
  3. For every voluntary fasting you do, Allah removes 70 years of hellfire from you.
  4. Even Rasulullah prays to Allah for guidance when he himself is the guide for the humankind.
  5. Friends who wake you up for fajr are good companions to Jannah.

DAY 2:

People of Jannah by Sheikh Dr Muhammad Salah
  1. Paradise is so near to you; even nearer than your shoelaces. And so is the hellfire.
  2. Better to reach early than being delayed, or not reaching at all.
  3. Pray, not just praying. But with tranquility.
  4. Lack of khusyuk is a sign of negligence towards prayers. 
  5. Best deed: Guard your prayers by praying as early as possible. Secure your communication with Allah.
  6. Best charity is given by the poor, as that is the only they can afford. They have little yet they still give.`
  7. Far yourself from hellfire by doing charity, even if its means giving half a date.
  8. If you're angry, take wudhu' or change your position (standing-sitting, sitting-lay down).
  9. Recite syahadah after taking wudhu' and gates of Jannah shall be opened for you.
  10. You don't have to be rich to secure a place in Jannah.
  11. Your rezeki/wealth will never decrease if you give sadaqah.
  12. Whenever you pardon people, Allah rises your dignity.
  13. Whatever we do good or bad, it is for ourselves.

Calling People to The Straight Path by Sheikh Abdurraheem Green
  1. Newly-invented Islamic matters can be misguidance and lead to hellfire.
  2. What do we need in this journey to Jannah? Easy. Good deeds!
  3. The deed in Islam that gives us the most reward: Solat.
  4. If you don't solat, Allah won't look at the rest of your deeds.
  5. Dakwah is best done through speech, not examples.

The Forerunners of Jannah by Sheikh Saed Rageah
  1. When talking about sunnah, people tend to say "it's just sunnah".
  2. So you claim you love Rasulullah but choose to not follow his sunnahs?
  3. Make wudhu' out of the things that can put out fire; water and sand.

Destination Jahannam, Eternal Regret by Sheikh Abdurraheem Green
  1. The hellfire is so hot, it's eating itself.
  2. People in hellfire know they deserve to be in hellfire. 
  3. Trees of zakkum: fruits in hell with inexpressible bitterness..
  4. The worse punishment in hellfire is not being able to see the face of Allah.

Your Journey Starts Now by Mufti Ismail Menk
  1. We were born to be tested.
  2. When it was too late to repent and regret, Allah will ask "didn't I send you reminders about the hellfire?"
  3. How many of us have not left solat for the past 10 years?
  4. For every reminder messages you saw and ignored, you will be questioned.
  5. A hardened heart is when committing sins doesn't make you feel bad.
  6. Don't let your heart becomes hard.
  7. Stages in repentance: Admit sins > Regret sins > Seek forgiveness from Allah > Promise not to return to sins.
  8. Don't delay your repentance as there's no promise that you'll die in Islam.
  9. Part of Allah's mercy is not telling us when and where will we die.
  10. The best time to pray is at its beginning time.
  11. Repent to Allah genuinely and you shall be successful. (Surah AnNur: 31)
  12. Our brain can't qualify to imagine the beauty of Jannah.
  13. Make your way to Jannah and you'll see that indeed Allah fulfills His promises to those who obey Him.
  14. A part of the identity of a Muslim man is to grow beard.
  15. The best way to go to Jannah is not to go alone but to call people to go with you. You may get lost going alone.

May we gain benefits from this knowledge. In shaa Allah.

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