Saturday, December 28, 2013


I went to campus early on Monday since I have to settle my activation ID process etc etc. I passed the area before reaching the main stairs and saw something familiar. Great! There was a blood donation drive. Yes, me and my obsession with donating blood. Even I don't understand myself.

So I excitedly walked up to the counter and filled up the forms. Checked, checked. Proceeded to the second counter where the doctor measured my blood pressure count and other important details. She then asked me the million-dollar question;

"What is your weight?"
"I am 57 kg."
(put down her pen and stared at me) "Are you sure? You don't look that heavy."
"I get that all the time, doctor. Believe me. I am heavy."

At that time I wasn't sure whether I should be proud or devastated. I look thinner than my weight. But I am heavier than I look. *shrugs*

I then proceeded to the next counter where the doctors poked our finger to get some blood samples to determine our blood group and whether we are eligible to donate.

To my surprise, I WASN'T ELIGIBLE!

The doctor explained that the ion count in my blood was not sufficient. When asked about what that meant, she said that I have to eat more meat and vegetables. Are you kidding? I eat vegetables all the time. Well, doctors and science don't lie, I'm sure. 

I was upset since I wasn't allowed to donate. I figured maybe I can eat a lot of meat and vegetables today and come back tomorrow. So I confidently asked, "You will still be here tomorrow right, doctor? I will come again."

To which the doctor replied. "There's no point of doing so. Your ion count will not change overnight."

Walked away heavy-heartedly.

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