Monday, February 10, 2014


Most of the people I know would jump in excitement whenever someone invited them to bbq session. I usually did the opposite - I cringed. Bbq never excites me. I always end up either not eating much or not eating at all.

Normally people would have bbq sessions at night which would obviously end up very late. Bbq always, always takes a lot of time hence people usually eat beforehand or, for those who are blessed with patience, they would rather wait for the foods to be done.

I am not good in the waiting department, remember? So I always choose to turn down bbq invitations.

Until last week.

We were given a generous 10-days CNY break by the university. Alias came up with this idea of having bbq session and yes, I cringed. But what attracted me to join was that he promised that it will start as early as 5pm. (Thank God for friends who understand your curfew!)

I was in-charge of preparing the potato salad and I'm glad that almost everyone gave good feedback on it. Teehehe. We had it at a spacious field in Bukit Jelutong and if only I have the right words to describe how beautiful the environment was. It was simply breathtaking since it was approaching dusk at that moment. I attempted to take pictures of the purplish skies, but it didn't turn out well. I guess the best camera is our own eyes, indeed.

Good food, good choice of place, good companies. 

And oh, my favorite part of the day is this;

Yes, that guy in the orange shirt. 

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