Friday, November 15, 2013



@fatinsurayya: Brunch with the bestfriend.

Exactly 3 weeks since I last tweeted. I have always been an avid tweeter, yet been very careful with the 160 characters and the things I retweet. I never liked the idea of exposing too much of the details of your life online. I always have the fear of being stalked (yes it happened). Or maybe I am just afraid that I might offer TMI online.

Yes, I use twitter a lot especially when I needed to rant or express my feelings on something that was taking place at that very moment. It could be about my cat, my classes, something I watched on tv, some random passerby on the street, some ignorant drivers, how delicious my lunch was, where I was heading to, who I bumped onto, it could be just about anything. And oh, also my obsession with @rdzaminhat's tweets.

This is the longest I have survived without tweeting. Occasionally I do check my timeline, but I am now a silent reader. Surprisingly, I feel a lot safer and calmer without tweeting. 

I rant less.
People do not know what I am doing.
People do not know where I am.
People do not know what the heck is going on in my life.
People can't read my mind.

I enjoy keeping things to myself and actually find peace in knowing that people do not know what I am up to these days. I did not have to constantly update them anymore.

Hey, but I do miss ranting in 160 characters and retweeting many interesting tweets. Haha. But I guess I am better off without it for now. A comeback soon!

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