Sunday, May 12, 2013


(Switzerland, May 2012)

Hi mom!

Firstly, Happy Mother's Day! As the saying goes, "actions speak louder than words", I am sure that you are able to see how much I love you by the tons of chores I helped you with and all. Hehe

Secondly, despite the blog's name "Abah's Little Girl", you know that I am always a "Mommy's Little Girl" too. 

Thirdly, I know how protective you can be, up to the point that I rolled my eyes each time I listened to your funny rules.

"No going to the kedai runcit alone! Dangerous"
"No praying at the surau alone, you anak dara. Dangerous!"
"No jogging alone. Let me call my students to escort you while you run"
"No going out with men, ever ever ever"
"No driving beyond Shah Alam"
"Who are you going out with? I want names and contact no"
"Eh who are you talking to on the phone? Is that a boy?!"
"I don't really mind bout your sisters, but you, you are fragile" (say whaaat)
"Ask your friends to accompany you home la"
"I will send you to the malls myself, no need public transport"
"Have you finished your period or you purposely don't want to pray?"
"Is that a new bag? Where did you get the time to go shopping?"
"Online shopping? You should be googling about education stuffs"
"Come, hold my hands and cross the road"
"Even after you get married, I will hold your hands and your husband's to cross the road!"
...and the list goes on.

Mothers will always be mothers.

Hahahahahahahaha (I am not laughing at you, mom. I am laughing with you)

Most of the times, it gives me headaches. Other times, I purposely teased you just to hear your babbles. It really is entertaining.

I like the fact that wherever you go, people will always call you "cikgu" instead of aunty, makcik or kak etc. You will brag about it and said "I feel forever young when people call me cikgu." Yes, mom, yes.

I like the fact that you are just metres away from me yet you still send me whatsapp messages. You like to play with the emoticons a lot. We siblings often screencaptured the conversations and laugh about them. "Tengok mak hantar apa, rajin dia scroll emoticons. Dahlah emoticon dia serupa dengan cerita dia"

I hope I will be as cheerful and likeable as you are. I hope I will be a great daughter and educator like you. 

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