Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Poor blog... Been replaced by my high piles of journals, ey?

Had the strongest urge to blog recently but I couldn't find the right time and the right thing to say. I know there was a lot to be shared but I got indecisive thinking about which one to write first!

I've had my fair share of depression during my first few weeks here. It was really bad and I didn't have the courage to tell my husband about it. I didn't want him to worry about me (and I refused to let him see the ugly sight of me bawling). Thankfully it was just a phase and I'm all well now. Beyond grateful for my loved ones and good friends. We're also fortunate to be a part of the Malaysian York family here. They keep reminding me that they were once in my place and it is very normal indeed to feel the whirlwind emotions. God bless their optimistic souls!

York has been wonderful to us. Every inch of York is worth taking photos at, I kid you not. 99% of our pre-UK heads-up were mostly "York is so beautiful!!". It is indeed. The people here are so accurate, it's scary. (Goodbye, janji Melayu.) The real world is here. I like to look at this as a maturing process made abroad. Sometimes it's pretty strange to think how badly we can't wait to be back but at the same time, how much we wish the time is moving slowly.

I'm still and forever will be, struggling with the weather here. It's so so cold, I literally cried. I can't fathom how some people actually look forward in seeing the snow and I haven't had the slightest of excitement. I certainly don't look forward to the cold, icy, slippery roads, the wet clothes and the constant shivers. Snow does not excite me. *cringes*

It's week 8 now and I have 2 weeks to go before the term ends. And to think that it feels like it was just yesterday when I bawled my eyes out at KLIA when hugging my family. Time sure flies fast when you're very occupied.

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