Monday, August 15, 2016


I have been staying at the library from 10 to 10 on weekdays, that I decided to take a break on weekends. So I set up my workspace downstairs at home and by downstairs, I mean on the couch. Zero productivity. (Who am I kidding? It's weekend and on the couch.)

It was Sunday and we usually go out on Sunday mornings. Hilmi suggested for us to go to a nearby car-boot sale. So I closed the lid of my laptop halfway, put it aside and off we went.

By afternoon, we reached home. I wanted to lie down for a while before preparing lunch. And then it happened. As I was lying down on the couch, the back of my head hit the corner of the laptop, hard. I felt a sharp pain.

Hilmi was just right next to me and asked if I was okay. It hurts really bad, you guys. I wanted to cry. But I always try not to in front of Hilmi.

He asked me again "does it hurt?" that I could not help it but to wail like a baby. I nodded and cried at the same time. I think he got panicked because he has never seen me crying because of physical injury. He rubbed the back of my head and checked if it was bleeding. Thankfully it was not.

I stopped sobbing after 3 mins and immediately said "well that was embarrassing. I was such a baby".

That's how I got the huge bump on the back of my head.

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