Thursday, April 23, 2015


Being the dutiful eldest daughter I am, on most nights (by most I mean, if I didn't fall asleep first), I will give my dad a good foot and back massage before tucking him to bed. That's the very least thing I could do to him seeing that he's all worn out and off to bed every night at 9 pm.

Given the circumstances that I will be away for a year soon in shaa Allah, so I asked him while pulling his leg (no pun intended) tonight, "so who will be massaging you while I'm away?"

I was expecting him to be very dramatic as always and reply, "kakak, what would I do without you? everybody else is too busy entertaining the cats rather than giving me a massage!"

But he said this instead:

"I'll just go to Bangkok then. I'll go to Bangkok once every month for a massage."


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