Thursday, May 29, 2014


I love desserts so much though I am proud to say that I don't eat them as often as I did previously. I just couldn't bear the thoughts of having to jog for longer hours and more rounds than I already am doing just to burn the calories off.

Been wanting a descent slice of brownies for quite awhile. But I know that not many places sell very good ones. Often I found them to be too sweet, moist (brownies must not be moist) or too cakey (if I want cakey brownies, might as well I get myself a slice of cake). 

So last week as I  went to stock-up on our groceries, I walked to the bakery aisle, browsed the boxes of flours, bottles of colorings and toppings, wishing that I am actually good in baking because the truth is, I am not.

God somehow wanted to answer my prayers and lead me to this box of Pillsbury's Chocolate Chunk brownies mix;

Every bite of it spells perfection! No kidding. Descent, fudgy, chewy, choclatey brownies. Its everything what a slice of brownies should be!

Each boxes cost RM12.90. A slice of so-so brownies at the cafes would cost us the same amount. I got around 8 slices from this mix. Win!

Now I know how to manage my brownies cravings in the future.

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