Monday, June 4, 2012


Today marks our 8th day away from home and alhamdulillah, I love everything about this place; the society, weather, shops (of course), foods, people, buildings, everything.

Since I am missing my little felines badly, I shall talk about the cats I met here.

I bumped onto few cats at the housing area I am staying at. They are nothing like the cats we have in our beloved country. Not even close! They are fat and healthy, with beautiful, velvety fur. I am pretty sure they are well-fed here, maybe with some organic cat food. It's too bad that the cats here aren't as approachable and friendly as ours. 

We will be going back tomorrow and insya Allah will arrive in KLIA on Wednesday morning. Other than Kaklong, I look forward to reunite with Malaysian foods, of course. 

Till then.

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